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The Masters have the overall command and authority for the navigation and operation of the vessel. Representing BOURBON with the Charterer and have full responsibility of the vessel and the crew. Their highest priority is safety at all times and the Masters are ultimately responsible for all safety issues on the vessel. All our Masters visit our offices in Switzerland for Induction and familiarization purposes with key stake holders.



Chief Officer:

The Chief Officers, or as sometimes referred Chief Mate (CM), assist the Master and would assume command in the event of the Master absence. On a number of our vessels the Chief Officers will act as Safety Officers. As well as Watch duties, they will also perform appraisals on the Deck Officers.



Second Officer:

Second Officers, or 2nd Mates, are third in command of the vessel and a watch keeping officer. Their responsibilities lies in the safe and efficient voyage and navigation of the vessel. Our 2nd Mates have a variety of qualifications including DP Advanced and Unlimited to suit the vessels requirements. In some cases the Second Officer acts as the Safety Officer ensuring the compliance of the vessels operations with regards to international regulations and company requirements. Also ensuring that operations are in compliance with Health & Safety rules and standards within the companies Safety Management System.



Chief Engineer:

Chief Engineers have responsibility for all the machinery and equipment on the vessel. They manage the Engine room and are responsible for the power and safe propulsion of the vessel. Our Chief Engineers are trained to the highest levels to assure their competences with the equipment. They also visit our offices in Switzerland for induction and familiarization with the Technical department.



Second Engineer:

Acting as the Chief Engineers assistant. Second Engineers are familiar with all machinery, steering gears, pumps and main engine maintenance. He will assist in the supervision of engine room ratings and gives them their daily work schedule.



Third Engineer:

Assist the Chief Engineer in vessel technical operations / tasks and has whatever duties delegated to him/her by the Chief Engineer. Responsible for electrical, lube oil, bilge, and oily water separation systems.




Work under the Chief Engineers guidance. Our Electricians perform a number of duties from maintenance to parts and spares replacements. Assist as required in the routine housekeeping, care, cleaning and maintenance of the vessel’s electrical machinery, plant and other applicable.



Deck Rating:

The Bosun is skilled in marlinspike seamanship and the highest ranking unlicensed (rating) in the deck department. They generally carries out the tasks instructed by the Chief Mate, directing the Able Seaman and Ordinary Seaman.

The Able Seaman works under the Bosun, completing tasks such as working mooring lines, operating deck gear and standing anchor details.

The Ordinary Seaman generally helps out with work the Able Seaman is doing, lookout, and general cleaning duties.



Engine Rating:

Carry out instructions issued by Engineers as long as they are sound and within the accepted practices of good seamanship. Carry out maintenance duties in the engine room: clean tanks including Fuel Tanks, Day Tanks and Potable Water.




Prepares all the food. It is a critical job with a multinational crew balancing a cooking style to suit the crew in agreement and having taken advise from the Master. Our cooks must be fluent in English and hold hygiene certificates.




Acting as cooks assistant and present in the canteen during meal times. Stewards also assist some housekeeping duties



Crane Operator:

The majority of our Cranes are AHC Knuckle boom cranes ranging from 40t to 150t. Operators usually require a Stage 3 certificate with experience of heavy lifts onto the seabed. Stage 2 Operators move equipment around the Deck and onto the vessel from the shore whilst supervised.



Deck Foreman:

Our Deck Foremen are committed to safety and the safety procedures on the Deck. They participate in the lifting plan and check the integrity of any rigging and its certification. This is a critical position as safety on the Deck is the highest priority therefore our Deck Foreman have extensive experience of lifting and Deck operations.




Have responsibility for the preparation and execution of all lifting, slinging and rigging operations. Including mooring, shifting, anchoring, loading moving and stowing.


Permanent opportunities
  • Deck officers
  • Engineering
  • Bridge
  • Deck